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The Patriot Radio Show – April 22 2016

The Patriot Radio Show – April 22 2016

by TPO on April 22, 2016

Gale Minchew Tonight, Tom did his last of the evening shows, and was joined by his good friend and Patriot Sister veronica Coffin, who has been managing 12 blogs for out network, and who has posted 10,674 posts to these blogs over the past 3 years… as a volunteer. Tom spent some time praising Veronica for her tireless work, and then they began talking about the issues of the day, corporations laying off tens of thousands of Americans, only to replace then with hispanics, chinese or Indians (from India…). They also talked about gender “confusion” issues such as bathroom rights, sexual conversations that schools have with our children, and the reasons why people want to play out role reversals.

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