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The Patriot Radio Show July 7, 2015

by TPO on July 7, 2015

Today, Tom talked about the 10 planks of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and one by one showed just how they were each already enacted here in America, giving us a de facto Federal Socialist Government.

He then went thru several of the “Current Communist Goals” that were read into the House record on Jan 10, 1963 outlinging the Communist plan to destroy America from within, he showed how we have, for severalll decades been moving further and further down the rabbit hole of comunism


The Patriot Radio Show July 6, 2015

by TPO on July 6, 2015

Today, Tom was joined by Ken Crow of and they discussed the lineup of candidates for the 2016 election.


Jihad On America July 3, 2015

by TPO on July 3, 2015

Today, Tom addressed Obama’s siding with the ISIS fighters in preventing the UK from getting arms to the Syrian rebels as ISIS clloses in on them, He also talked about Obama Stopping Israel from shipping arms to Nigeria to assist them from fighting the Islamic terrorists of Boko Haram. Lastly on the Obama fighting FOR Islam was his interfering in an Argentian investigation of a muslim bombing og a Jewish center in Buenos Aries. Obama was trying to stop the investigation from looking into the connection to the iranian government. He finished with sever local and foreign stories on Islamic Jihad.


The Patriot Radio Show July 2, 2015

by TPO on July 2, 2015

Today, Tom talked about the painfully political (not to mention blatantly obvious) Supreme Court decisions of the past week. He discussed the slippery slope that America is on without an honest SCOTUS to call on for justice. Tom also talked about a recent poll that found 55% if our millenials (18-35 years old) would consider leaving America if they had the chance… even though 67% of them voted for Obama… Twice. Tom wrapped up with a piece on the Climate change scam, and how NOTHING we do will have ANY measurable effect on the planet.


The Patriot Radio Show July 1, 2015

by TPO on July 1, 2015

For his Inaugural morning show, Tom had Presidential candidate Mark Everson in the studio. They talked about politics, the upcoming race, Mark’s chances as an underdog, Policies and what have you. Have listen to this show & you will see a candidate that offers something different to the mix.


Jihad On America May 22 2015

by TPO on May 22, 2015


The Patriot Radio Show May 20 2015

by TPO on May 20, 2015