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Gale Minchew

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Gale Minchew

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Gale MinchewToday, Tom was joined by his friend Tracy for the first of several shows where she will walk us through what she and her family were put through when her husband decided to be a transgender. Catch the riveting story today and tune in on June 9th when Tracy returns to continue to tell the story.


Gale MinchewToday, Tom talked about his concerns regarding the Pope’s embracing of islam, He also discussed obama’s bathroom rule, and NYC’s ordinance allowing 31 gender options, and fines of $25,000 for anyone refusing to use a person’s chosen pronoun. also covered were Target’s bathroom policy and the Muslim pilot the committed suicide by crashing an Egypt Air plane off the coast last week.


Gale Minchew Today, Tom took on the Pope, and according to some faithful Catholics, questioning the Holy Father is tantamount to getting your ticket to hell punched… So what has the Pope done to rile me so? catch this episode of the patriot Radio Show and find out!!


Gale MinchewToday, Tom did his weekly Police Misconduct update, and then spent the rest of the hour ranting about the idiots behind this whole “gender identity” madness… Somewhere along the way, Tom had to put a dollar in the tip jar….


Gale MinchewToday, Tom was joined by his friend Ken Crow of Crows Nest Politicsas they discussed politics, from Donald Trump to the GOP to the renegade GOP faction that is mounting a 3rd party candidate to run against Trump in an effort to cheat him out of the Presidency, even if it means Hillary or Bernie Sanders getting elected and being in place to nominate 4 or 5 SCOTUS Justices.


Jihad On America – May 13 2016

by TPO on May 13, 2016

Gale MinchewToday, Tom played the audio from Ann Barnhardt’s first video of the A Survey Of Evil lecture. He will play the other 3 in the coming weeks. Tom also talked about a Swedish mom that took in a “refugee” only to have him rape her 10 year old daughter. Tom warned that these are the very same savages that obama and Paul Ryan are trying to bring to America by the hundreds of thousands… that we need to look at how they behave in the EU, and prevent us from ever going down the same path.


Gale MinchewToday, Tom talked about possible objectives of obama in his sending ships to sail thru the territorial waters of China’s man made island… is he trying to provoke a war? to what end? possibly to create an uprising here in America, giving him a reason to enact Martial law? Tom also talked about the racist commencement speeches from obama, his husband Michael, Loretta Lynch and Susan Lunch… all of whom are giving young black graduates reasons to have a grudge against “whitey” as they move into the real world. Tom also talked about the real state of the economy, warning of an upcoming financial collapse.


The Patriot Radio Show – May 11 2016

May 11, 2016

Today, Tom was joined by his friend Ken Crow, as they discussed Donald Trump’s wins in W. Virginia and Nebraska last night. They also talked about the islamic problem in America, Paul Ryan’s problem supporting muslims and not supporting Donald Trump and his pending fight to keep his office. Like this:Like Loading…

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The Patriot Radio Show – May 10 2016

May 10, 2016

Today, Tom did his weekly “Police Misconduct” update, followed by a conversation about Paul Ryan asserting that as Americans, we cannot apply a ‘religious test’ on those coming to America… all the while his kids are protected from islam by being enrolled in a Catholic school that DOES have a religious test for admission. Other […]

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The Patriot Radio Show – May 9 2016

May 9, 2016

Today, Tom was joined by Ken Crow of Crows Nest Politics as they discussed tomorrow’s GOP Primary, the fact that Paul Ryan still refuses to back Donald Trump, and Ryan’s own mounting problems as Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin and a hot of other public figures endorse Paul Nehlen to replace Paul Ryan in Congress. Like […]

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